Big Questions Class

• Do faith and science conflict?
• Why is there so much evil?
• Why can’t I see God?
• Why are Christians so divided?
• Is the Bible reliable?
• How can a good God send people to Hell?
• What happens to people who never hear about Jesus?
• If Christianity is true, why are Christians so divided?
• Hasn’t modern science disproved the Bible?

Haunting questions like these have caused many to reject Christianity and can cause crises of faith in the life of Christians. In this study, we will be discussing Big Questions like these and how to respond to them from a Biblical worldview. The Big Questions study is part of Wednesday Nights at First, which kicks off Sept. 6. Register online! OR if you are not a part of a community group on Sunday, we encourage you to join us at 9:45 am in the cafe.

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