Construction Updates

Crews began pouring concrete this week on the 4th floor of the new Preschool & Children’s Building. Once they complete pouring on the 2nd and 3rd levels, mechanical and electrical subcontractors will have access to begin working. The steel subcontractor is completing work the eastern portion of the building. Renovation on the first floor continues and adult classrooms are coming along very nicely. Your phase III team covets your continued prayers as we make decisions and push this project through to completion.

Parking is available in the east and north lots, as well as in the parking garage off of Cincinnati Avenue. See the diagram below for assistance:

For Our Future is a campaign designed to implement the largest piece of First Baptist Tulsa’s master plan, which will include:

• New Preschool & Children’s Building
• Renovated Adult LIFE Group Space
• New Entry at Street Level
• Easier Access & Navigation of the Facility
• Senior Adult LIFE Groups in More Accessible Locations

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Construction FAQs

What, specifically, does For Our Future include?

A new building with 70,000 sq ft, most of which is dedicated for preschool and children’s space built on our existing circle drive. 10,000+ square feet of newly renovated adult Community group space in the Detroit Tower.

How much will this cost?

$13.7 million

How much money did we raise?

$8.6 million in pledges and more than $1 million on hand, totaling $9.6 million.

When will construction start and be completed?

Construction began in December, 2016. The potential move-in date is Easter 2018.