Punjab, India

October 8-16, 2018

We will be partnering with Solid Rock India working with widows and the poor.

Cost of the trip: $2,000-$2,500 depending on the price of airfare. The total includes airfare, lodging, food and ground transportation. Bring additional money for souvenirs.

Depending on the skills of the team, we will do the following:
• Host an afternoon program for children ages 5-12.
• Host an after school cultural exchange for youth ages 13-20.
• Visit a leper colony to help handout basic essentials.
• Hold a meeting for widows from surrounding villages, including a sermon from a local pastor and care packages including essential items.
• Walk through villages, visit and pray with individuals over tea.
• Host medical camps for villagers.

On our cultural day we will visit the Taj Mahal or the Golden Temple.

Side note: Many in this region haven’t seen many westerners, so we will be a curiosity to most. They will be eager to have us as guests in their homes, and some might even follow us around the village, curious as to what we are doing.