Wednesday Nights at First

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Classes begin at 6:15 pm, with the exception of Financial Peace University beginning at 6 pm.

Deron Spoo

This fourteen-week course will examine and provide answers to the questions: Do you find it difficult to read the Bible for yourself? Do you depend too heavily on others to help you make sense of the Scripture? You will be taught good interpretive practices and essential skills to equip you to explore the Scripture in a way that will help you experience the love of God. No cost.

BIG QUESTIONS | room 448 north
Chris Matthews

This fourteen-week course will answer questions such as: How can a good God send people to Hell? What happens to people who never hear about Jesus? If Christianity is true, why are Christians so divided? Hasn’t modern science disproved the Bible?  Haunting questions like these have caused many to reject Christianity and can cause crises of faith in the life of Christians. In this study, we will be discussing Big Questions like these and how to respond to them from a Biblical worldview. No cost.

Mark Thomson

This fourteen-week study will be the lesson for adults (Explore the Bible series) taught in the Sunday morning Bible study time. This semester will examine the books Exodus and Leviticus. The class is open to anyone who cannot attend an Adult LIFE Group on Sunday mornings. Also welcomed are those leaders who teach in the Preschool, Children’s, and Student age groups on Sunday mornings. No cost.

MEN’S STUDY: MEN OF THE BIBLE | room 428 north
Ron Campbell

This eight-week study will challenge men to live lives of integrity through the examples laid out in the Bible. The study will examine eight examples of Godly men, how God used them, and how we can learn to grow our faith in Christ through the lives of these men. No cost.

WOMEN’S STUDY: UNINVITED by Lysa TerKuerst | room 410 north
Becky Dotson

This six-week study will examine the fact that God wants us to live loved, when we feel lonely and left out. Join us as we dig deeper into God’s Word to explore the roots of rejection, the way other relationships get tainted because of a past rejection, and the truth about what it looks like to live loved. With biblical depth, gut-honest vulnerability, and refreshing wit, we will be reminded that we are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken—a love that does not reject or uninvite. Cost is $13.00.

HEALTHY LIVING | Student Center 3rd floor
Julie Donelson

The fourteen-week course examines the Bible as it describes your body as a temple in which the Holy Spirit makes His dwelling. It is hard to worship and serve at your best when you don’t feel your best. Having a restored temple is a doorway joy. In this course we will work on moving from good intentions and resolutions to developing a lifestyle of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Please come in your active gear and ready for exercise. No cost.