Women’s Ministries

Mentoring at First

The goal of the mentoring ministry is to give women an opportunity to develop and nurture deep spiritual relationships based on trust, vulnerability, and accountability. While developing friendships women will also see measurable growth as they:

• Develop tools to enhance their personal Bible study
• Discover how to develop godly character through application
• Discover how to have eternal impact in their circle of influence

In this time of high mobility and shallow relationships, the woman -to -woman support system we see in scripture rarely just happens. We must be intentional to nurture the encouraging, loving relationships God uniquely designed women to share. Please email Kara Davis at karadavis23@yahoo.com for information.

East Village Women’s Ministry

A mentoring ministry to under-resourced women that helps to bridge the gap created by unusual life circumstances and unique needs. Mentors and mentees encourage each other towards spiritual growth and restoration through intentional friendship. Email Cathy Bankston at clbankston@cox.net.

Hannah’s Hope

Through Hope Boxes, Hannah’s Hope offers families who have experienced pregnancy loss a place to find comfort, support, and resources to help in the grieving process. We work to validate the lives of lost babies by affirming that they are valuable and meaningful. Women who lose babies not only grieve the life lost, but they grieve the loss of hope and plans. Through Hannah’s Hope, we help grieving women by pairing the burden of grief with the hope of Christ. It would be an honor to walk alongside you or a loved one in your journey. Join us in sending hope today! To order a Hope Box, please visit the Hannah’s Hope website www.HannahsHope.us) and click on the “Hope Boxes” page. Email Kathryn at info@hannahshope.us with any questions.

Prayer Shawl & Lap Quilt Ministry

This beautiful ministry supplies handmade shawls and quilts to our members who are going through difficult periods in their lives, providing a physical symbol of God’s love which they can wrap themselves in or touch to feel His presence. Beginners and new volunteers are welcome! We will teach you to crochet, knit or quilt! Meets Thursdays, 10:30 am – Noon in the Church Cafe.