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Last week, I had the joy of leading our third team on mission for Jesus serving refugees in Jordan. Jordan is the temporary home of millions who have fled war and terrorism from Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Our mission partner in Jordan, Global Hope Network International, labors every day to bring hope and healing for refugees across the Middle East.

We visited homes of refugees bringing food and gifts to meet needs while listening to their harrowing stories of survival. One visit was to an Iraqi Muslim woman, Shabah, and her children. Shabah and her family had fled Iraq in 2011 after the U.S. forces withdrew. Her family was threatened by insurgents if her husband, a police officer, did not join in the violent acts of terrorism.

They fled to Jordan where her husband fell into alcoholism leading to homelessness and his eventual arrest for abusing their children. When they lost their apartment, a Christian family had taken them in for two months. This had a powerful impact on Shabah. She began attending church and reading the Bible.

We asked if she had any questions about Jesus. She said she couldn’t understand how Jesus as God could have washed the disciples’ feet. She had attended church a few months ago and heard this preached, followed by the washing of feet by pastors. She fled from the service, but the image had stayed with her.

I explained to her the beauty of what Jesus did when he washed his disciples’ feet. She listened and understood the beauty of God’s condescension and love. Our interpreter suggested we wash her feet as a symbol of our love and Christ’s love for her. So, we each washed her feet, giving her a tangible experience of Jesus’ love.

This is one of many stories showing how God is working among refugees in Jordan. Please continue to pray for them and consider joining us in 2020!

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