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When I first moved to Tulsa and joined First Baptist, I was newly married, starting graduate school and desiring connections with other Christian women. On a whim, I signed up for Mentoring at First. All I wanted out of it was a friend, but God graciously gave me so much more. Over the next 6 months, my mentor and I met—often over strong coffee—and walked through life together (and had a lot of fun while doing it). It was this friendship that sparked many other connections that have truly made First Baptist feel like a church family. Each year that I participate in Mentoring at First, I’m in awe at the way God works through these intentional relationships for His glory and our good.

My story is not unique. We are designed by God to crave deeper connections with one another. Perhaps you feel the same? Make time for Mentoring at First!

The 2020 Mentoring at First session kicks off January 19, with an information/sign-up session in the Cincinnati room. We are looking for imperfect women who want to grow in their relationship with Christ. Each group is made up of a Mentor, a Mentee, and a Prayer Warrior. We need women who are willing to serve in each of these roles. A Mentee brings a desire to grow, a Mentor brings experiences she can use to walk alongside her Mentee and a Prayer Warrior commits to faithfully praying for the pair. Each role provides an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Will you pray over whether God is leading you to join this ministry? We’d love to see you there next week!

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