April 5, 2019

Parent Blog    April 5, 2019


We are so excited about this summer! The biggest thing we participate in as a ministry is attending summer camp at Falls Creek in Davis, Oklahoma! And if we didn't already say it, we want your teenagers and friends to go with us! Registration opened last Sunday, but don't wait, we have big discounts for early registrations! Speaking of discounts, discounts are available for siblings (FCSIBLING) and for first time guests (FCGUEST). 

Who counts as a first time guest? Anyone who does not attend church at First Baptist Tulsa--they will receive a $50 discount!  

Why do we do this? Our prayer is that by taking teens to camp they will not only will grow spiritually, but will also hear about Jesus for the first time! Talk with your teenager about who they will be taking to camp with them this year!  

Register today!

Parents of 2019 seniors!  

Can you believe it! Senior Sunday is May 19! Be on the lookout for information about our senior recognition and family brunch! Mark May 19 down as a special day for your entire family! Please RSVP for the brunch!


Easter at First Baptist Tulsa! 

Don’t miss out on a special morning of worship and ELEVATE on Easter Sunday, April 21 at 9:45 am!

Parent Seminar with Steve Kunzweiler

Thanks to all who attended our parent seminar with Steve Kunzweiler! We had the opportunity to hear from Steve about concerning dangers in the digital age. He provided lessons and guidelines to use with our children in regards to cell phones. We want to pass along some takeaways from his message and share some of our insight as your student ministry staff that will hopefully be helpful as you navigate this with your family.

  1. If it's personal information don’t share it. Through many apps students can post whatever is on their heart. Teach them to filter out content that could put them in danger. (parents out of town, address, etc.)

  2. Don’t write/post what you wouldn’t say in front of your parents or pastor.

  3. Know your child’s password. It is your phone even if they purchased it! Don’t be afraid to talk to your child about cell phone/ app usage.< >“My child would never…” is a dangerous thought to have as parents. It puts our guards down. As a result, you can become reactive instead of proactive. Learn about the apps your child uses. Have honest conversations about the dangers. If you don’t know about an app, ask another parent or your Student Ministry Staff.  



Matt McClure

Minister to Students


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