We are a Dementia Friendly Community, part of the larger Dementia Friendly Community Initiative that has been embraced by the City of Tulsa. If you need assistance, our ushers are here to help. Family restrooms are located in the Cincinnati room and on the lower level near the fellowship hall. A quiet room can be found in the Detroit corridor in the Ivorie room.

Memory Café

10:00 to 11:30 am / 2nd Thursday of each month

in the 4th floor conference center

A monthly gathering for those with any early-stage memory changes. Memory Café is a place to relax and enjoy refreshments, entertainment, creative projects, and camaraderie with a family member or friend – all provided at no charge. Each experience also includes an interesting speaker, with discussion topics ranging from local history and the arts to sports and space.

2019 Speakers:

February 14: Herb Magely, former geoscience manager for Devon Energy