Studies & Activities

We offer a great lineup of activities that meet throughout the week. We offer several classes for adults that are aimed to help us develop as Jesus followers in our intellect (head), our passions (heart) and our actions (hands).

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Midweek at First

August 31 - December 7
No classes on October 19 or November 23

Midweek at first will resume August 31, 2022. We’re offering several discussion-oriented studies designed to help you grow as a Jesus-follower into a difference-maker for a world of people far from God. All studies listed below, as well as programming for children, preschool, and students, begin at 6:00 pm.

The choir and orchestra will resume rehearsing Wednesday, August 10, in the music suite.


How to Pray with the Psalms

Led by Deron Spoo / Room 405 in the Children's Bldg
In concert with Deron’s fall teaching series on prayer, this course will focus on how to use the Psalms in personal times of worship. Using the process of Lectio Divina, we will explore how to deepen and enrich our time spent with the Lord in daily prayer.


Men's Study: Lead Like Men

Led by Dave McPherson / Room 404 in the Children's Bldg
What does it mean to be a man? What does the Bible say about it? Join us as we explore Paul’s letters, particularly to Timothy and Titus, to understand how we can grow as men to lead ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and more with the hope we’ve found to be true through our walk with Christ.


Women's Study: Faithful – The Covenant of God from Eden to Eternity

Led by Shannon Campbell / Room 408 in the Children's Bldg
Starting on Wednesday, September 14th, we will explore God’s faithfulness recorded throughout scripture. We will explore how God chose to covenant with humanity at specific points in history and what those promises mean for us today. RSVP to


Healthy Living Workout

Led by Julie Donelson / Room 403 in the Children's Bldg
This course examines the Bible as it describes your body as a temple in which the Holy Spirt makes His dwelling. It is hard to worship and serve at your best when you don’t feel your best. Having a restored temple is a doorway to joy. In this course, we will work on moving from good intentions and resolutions to developing a lifestyle of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Please come in your active gear ready for exercise.


Women's Book Study

Finding the Hero in Your Husband by Dr. Julie Slattery

Beginning Thursday, September 22nd / 12:15p - 2p
This 12-week study engages time-tested principles which greatly improve your chance of a thriving relationship with your husband. It will help you understand the power God has given you to honor Him and promote intimacy. This study is a vehivle for practical changes in your marriage and to help draw you deeper into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ Himself. Contact Marion Shacklett at or 918-693-2525.

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