Studies & Activities

We offer a great lineup of activities that meet throughout the week. We offer several classes for adults that are aimed to help us develop as Jesus followers in our intellect (head), our passions (heart) and our actions (hands).

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Midweek at First

March 1 - April 26
We’re offering several discussion-oriented studies designed to help you grow as a Jesus-follower into a difference-maker for a world of people far from God. All studies listed below, as well as programming for children, preschool, and students, begin at 6:00 pm.


Led by Deron Spoo / Room 405 in the Children's Bldg
It is good to know what we believe. It is powerful to know how to live out what we believe. In Theology 101, we will explore and deepen our understanding of the essential biblical elements of the Christian faith. Most importantly, we will integrate these beliefs in to our attitudes, words, and actions.



Led by Dave McPherson / Room 403 in the Children's Bldg
How did the first followers of Jesus grow as men and leaders, and how might that speak into our journeys as men? Join us as we explore the book of Acts, looking for ways that Jesus challenged men (and challenges us) to be passionate leaders.


WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY: Discerning the Voice of God

Led by Debbie Cruce / Room 408 in the Children's Bldg
Over the course of 7 weeks, our Bible study will be Discerning the Voice of Godby Priscilla Shirer. We will discover the root to clear and daily communication with God and learn how surrender helps us discern His voice in everyday life. Register online to reserve a FREE study book!



Led by Mary Kay Henderson / 4th Floor Conference Room in the Children's Bldg
Are you interested in learning some of our most beloved hymns in the Cherokee Language? We will explore some of the Cherokee words that are used in Christian music and what they mean, plus some conversation. Mary Kay Henderson, director of the Cherokee National Youth Choir will lead the class.


Room 111 in the Detroit Tower
If youve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, youve probably found there arent many people who understand the deep hurt your feel. GriefShare is a supporting group of people who walk alongside of you through one of lifes most difficult experiences. You dont have to go through it alone. Find support to face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.

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