Mission Trips


October 18-24


The Guatemalan people are extremely open to the Gospel. We have seen hundreds come to know Christ in previous years.

We partner with Horeb Ministries to serve the poor in area villages.  Through medical clinics, we are able to provide medical care, medicines, and vitamins to the poor who often lack access to medical care.  We host activities for children during the clinics, and often there is a concurrent building project going on that some of the team can partake in. The Gospel is shared with every person that comes to the clinic, and those that accept Christ are followed up with through the staff of Horeb. 

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October 16-23


Jordan has 7 million inhabitants. Of those, 2 million—25% of the population--are refugees who have fled conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other neighboring countries. 

We partner with Global Hope Network International to serve refugees mostly through home visits, delivering relief items, listening to their stories, and praying with and for them. We also visit the House of Ruth, a community center that provides opportunities for women to generate income through embroidery and mosaic skills. 


Tracking the data from the other regions where Orphans Tree works, some 90% of those that come to the Orientation Camps stay connected with the ministry center that hosts it.

We partner with Orphan’s Tree–a ministry in Russia for children who have aged out of the orphanage system. We host a weeklong Orientation Camp for graduating orphans and help lead them through a series of life-skills training including: budgeting, shopping, and using public transportation. However, the main objective is to provide a connection point to the Orphan’s Tree Ministry Center and staff, so that graduates will be introduced to and stay connected with a safe, stable refuge to find help, support, encouragement, advice, and ultimately a relationship with Jesus. 

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January 15-25, 2021


Almost all of the children at the Village have become followers of Jesus.  We want to be a blessing to them and to the staff and encourage them through our presence and prayers. 

We partner with First Love Ministries to serve the Village Children’s Home outside of Manila, Philippines.  The main objective of this annual trip is to provide love and encouragement to the girls and staff of the Village.  We provide activities, outings, crafts, and games for the kids, along with necessary building repairs to the orphanage. Part of the ongoing plan is to help provide sustainable ways to cut recurring costs associated with housing, clothing, and feeding dozens of children.

Upcoming Trips


Philippines - January 15-25, 2021

Guatemala - October 18-24, 2020

Jordan - October 16-23, 2020

Taiwan - November 13-23, 2020

Poland - January 2022

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