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Parent Resources

Online Parenting Seminar

Raising boys and girls to be courageous, compassionate, resilient and empathetic...Are My Kids on Track? This seminar on the 12 emotional, social and spiritual milestones your child needs to reach will help you answer this question and more.

Join these encouraging and inspiring parenting seminar sessions as Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan share helpful and practical information about guiding kids at all ages and stages to reach their emotional, social and spiritual milestones. We are grateful to share these four 40-minute sessions. Watch each session at a time that works best for you; First Baptist loves your preschoolers, kids & students! 

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Additional Resources for Parents

  • Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord by Dave Stone is a quick read that is packed full of stories showing the importance of prayer and scripture in guiding our children. The book includes a designated chapter of mothers being the heart of the home and the key gifts kids need from their dads. This book focuses on “consistency” as the key in discipline and encourages us to do our best in parenting and guiding our children towards the Lord. (available on Amazon)

Also, a part of the Faithful Families series by Dave Stone:


Nothing Less is a compilation of LifeWay research of the 10 greatest influencers of spiritual health for your kids (a few copies available from Children’s Building Check-in on Level 1 or at LifeWay.com):

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